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Apartment living offers open plan refined living for a diversity of people from first home buyers to retiring couples downsizing from their family home. It builds a sense of community as neighbours live with one another in a sustainable environment.

Most apartment buildings are built around activity centres that offer shopping, restaurants, transport and public facilities to its occupants. The reliance on automotive transport is diminished. Infrastructure costs have risen and therefore it makes perfect sense to have higher density around areas where there is access to all facilities.

Property values have skyrocketed over the years and every parcel of land is valuable, therefore to make use of every section of land and air above makes sense to increase investment opportunities for the land owner.

A1 Drafting is a Melbourne based company with staff who are committed to designing contemporary & modern projects to cater for apartment living. We understand council and government policies. We have a wealth of experience to be able to develop your documentation for sustainable developments.

We encourage you to contact us before a property is purchased so that we in turn can advise on the best possible project to suit your budget and property. We listen to your needs and take them on board to not only develop a property but to also form a friendship with our clients.

planning permits

The planning permit process can be frought with long delays and obstructions if not handled properly. At A1 Drafting, staff research a proposed site and its associated restrictions. Our professional staff visit the site, liaise with Council and then provide a free written quotation detailing any obstacles or site restrictions they may find that could alter a design. Upon quotation acceptance a licensed land survey is conducted and then a concept design is produced. Once the client is happy with the design, more elaborate and detailed plans, site analysis and design response drawings are prepared. A written report based on local and state government legislation is submitted along with plans to the relevant Council. A1 Drafting staff assist each client handle planning applications so that a worthwhile outcome is achieved.

Please see our Town Planning Page for further information.

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