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Structural Engineering

Structural Engineering is not always considered by building designers and architects in their zeal for the perfect shape.

A1 Drafting is a part of BSC Consulting Engineers, hence all building design takes into account structural engineering requirements from the outset.

A1 Drafting designers work in-house with engineering staff to achieve rational, economic design.

firm foundations

Structural engineering literally lies at the foundations of all good building design. It is the role of the structural engineer to design the footings on which your building will be constructed.

Insufficient foundations can cost you dearly in the long run. Subsidence settlement or heave can reek havoc and are the subject of many horror stories.

To ensure the structural integrity of your building, soil sample cores are taken to determine the underlying ground structure and composition. In combination with the expected loads exerted by your building structure, this informs our engineering staff of the type and extent of the footings you require.

At A1 Drafting, we design with sufficient margin to assure the long life of your building, without being overly engineered.

Other areas requiring engineering design include floor slabs, beams, lintels, floor joists and retaining walls.

The building permit application process requires the submission of structural computations, structural drawings and a Certificate of Compliance signed by the engineer. These can all be issued by our engineering staff, preventing unnecessary delay.

Regular communication between building designers and engineers is essential for efficient and cost effective development. This is where A1 Drafting stands out from its competitors.

other engineering services

In addition to its residential design work, BSC Consulting Engineers operates as a general consulting practice, providing services in civil, structural and municipal design and project management.

BSC has successfully completed thousands of engineering design projects, including bridges in concrete, steel and timber, roads, bicycle paths, walkways and boardwalks and footings for a wide range of industrial plant, including brick kilns, timber kilns and gas compressors.

Please visit the BSC Consulting Engineers website for further information on our structural and civil engineering services.

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